Who We Are

GHLToolheads is a seasoned team of technology experts with nearly a decade of experience in helping international clients optimize their business operations.
We specialize in reviewing and evaluating cutting-edge technologies, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Marketing Platforms, and Business Automation Solutions.
With a proven track record of success, our team has developed a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with implementing new technologies.
We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, and have helped them streamline their processes, enhance their customer engagement, and drive growth.
For inquiries, email us at info@ghltoolshead.com

Who We are

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our expertise and knowledge with the wider business community, providing unbiased and in-depth reviews of the latest CRM, Marketing, and Automation tools.
Through our blog, we aim to educate, inform, and inspire businesses to make the most of their technology investments and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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GHLToolHeads Review Process

At GHLToolheads, we take pride in providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews of CRM systems, marketing platforms, and business automation solutions. Our review process is designed to ensure that our readers receive the most accurate and helpful information to make informed decisions for their businesses. Here’s how we conduct our reviews:

  • Research and Selection
    We identify popular and emerging CRM, marketing, and automation tools in the market.
    Our team of experts selects the products to review based on industry trends, customer demand, and product innovation.
  • In-Depth Hands-on Testing
    We invest significant time and resources into working with the product, often for several months or even years. Our team configures, customizes, and uses the product in real-world scenarios to gain a deep understanding of its capabilities and limitations.
    We explore every aspect of the product, including its features, functionality, and user interface.
  • Feature Evaluation
    We assess the product’s features, including its capabilities, customization options, and integrations.
    We evaluate the product’s performance, scalability, and reliability.
  • User Experience Assessment
    We examine the product’s user interface, navigation, and overall user experience.
    We assess the product’s ease of use, onboarding process, and customer support.
  • Comparison and Benchmarking
    We compare the product with its competitors, identifying strengths and weaknesses.
    We benchmark the product’s performance against industry standards and best practices.
  • Expert Insights and Analysis
    Our team of experts provides in-depth analysis and insights into the product’s capabilities and limitations.
    We identify the product’s ideal use cases, target audience, and potential applications.
  • Review Writing and Editing
    Our team writes a comprehensive review, including an overview, features, pros and cons, and final verdict.
    Our editors review and refine the content to ensure clarity, accuracy, and readability.
  • Publication and Updates
    We publish the review on our website, including relevant screenshots, images, and videos.
    We regularly update our reviews to reflect changes in the product, new features, and evolving industry trends.
    By following this rigorous review process, we ensure that our readers receive the most comprehensive and unbiased information to make informed decisions for their businesses.

GHLToolHeads Testing Review Board

Our team comprises industry experts with over a decade of experience in their field.
The team has spent most of their lives in the marketing industry.
When funnel concept was introduced, they jumped the wagon.
They have seen the market grow for funnels like their own.
Being early birds, they have seen the shift from a closer standpoint.
They have developed thousands of funnels collectively over time.
It wouldn’t be far from accurate to say it is a team of underdogs.
Never seen in public, but making a difference everyone benefits from.
To benefit from their experience, GHLToolheads came into being.
They have made their fair share of mistakes, & found the solutions to problems.

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Brain Marshal Funnel Expert
Brain Marshal Funnel Expert

Funnel Expert

Brain Marshal is a Funnel Expert and a passionate writer with almost a decade of experience in curating funnels for hundreds of clients. From mapping out funnels to automating them to Integrating AI-powered chatbots.
With diverse funnels and making the marketing processes as streamlined as they come, he is hands on the best out there.
His automation experience encompasses first-hand knowledge of best practices for success. Many industry experts have learned from him regarding their technical knowledge.
His understanding of logic in automation is mind-blowing, and seeing him implement it looks like a work of art.

A loving father of two daughters passionate about cooking, he spends his weekends camping in the kitchen or by the lake.

Automation Expert

Meet Mike Austin, a Funnel Automation specialist by profession. He has over a decade of experience in Business Automation, Funnel Automation, and CRM Automation. Apart from his work, writing and watching restoration are his passions.

He has developed his skills by working on GoHighLevel for the past few years, almost since the launch. We started GHLToolheads to enlighten our readers with the best of our knowledge and share our experience while operating Funnels in detail, and Mike joined as soon as he heard because why not?

Mike is a cat person, loves to keep close to strays because he thinks all cats are equal, and loves long walks in the park nearby, where all his cats follow him around.

Mike Austin, Funnel Automation specialist
Mike Austin

Barbara Adams Design Expert
Barbara Adams

Design Expert

Barbara Adams is definitely the glue that keeps the team together.
Being an art graduate, she has worked in major local institutes over the last two decades and shifted her expertise towards web design in 2015;
She has never considered returning to conventional design jobs. She loves the vibe of working from her own space.

With her 7 figure design career, she has given back to society in all forms but above all in the knowledge she has gained over the last 22 years.

Her interest in funnel front-end design sparked when she met her husband, Steve, who was at a convention in a hotel she was staying in for her vacations. Since then, her primary focus has been funnels related to design content.

Steve and Barbara care for two dogs, one lab and one German Shepherd. They work a couple of months from their beach house every year, if not more.

Funnel Tricks & Tips Related Content

Charles, a Funnel Hacker & Optimization Expert by passion, comes from an IT background. He has done his master’s in computer science, and at a young age.
He started developing an interest in puzzles. And quoting him, what is a funnel?
You don’t know, but it’s a puzzle.
He has helped develop many courses out there as a ghostwriter because he was always working behind the curtain kind of guy until Brian himself convinced him to come to light finally.

He has hacked over a couple of hundred top funnels, including some big names. His notebooks may seem a mess to everyone, but they are goldmines for those who can understand.

He does jigsaw puzzles when he can’t sleep and hacks funnels when he is sleep-deprived, his words not ours. Besides puzzles, he loves his 1984 Suzuki Jimny, which he loves bashing the dunes with.

Charles R Delgado Funnel Hacker Funnel Optimization Expert
Charles R Delgado

Holly R Rice Content Editor
Holly R Rice Content Editor


Holly joined GHLToolHeads in early 2021 as an Editor.
She oversees a team of three content writers and a passionate designer. Most of GHLToolHeads design features relate to her skills.
Before GHLToolHeads, Holly worked in a leading digital marketing firm as a content writer and an associate editor for over four years.
She offers a command of content strategy and how it is presented to our readers.

Content Writer

Mary Morris holds an M.A. in Arts. She has been writing for GHLToolHeads for 03 months. She has spent 2 years working as a content writer in a digital marketing firm. She is passionate about technology and IT.

Mary R Morris Content Writer
Mary R Morris

Mary Fernando Content Writer
Mary Fernando

Content Writer

Mary Fernando has a B.A. in English and joined GHLToolHeads a week ago. With her starting, our team has grown to 8 members.

Content Writer

Michelle has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of California. She joined GHLToolHeads recently. She is an ardent learner.  

Michelle K Moorman Content Writer
Michelle K Moorman